Brierley Guitar PickupsBrierley Guitar Pickups
Proudly Hand Made in Adelaide, South Australia
Brierley Guitar Pickups take on vintage and modern style Strat pickups. Great tones with a nod to the past. All Strat pickups listed are hand wound.

REBELLION SET The Rebellion Strat set evolved from the Big Red Rock set of several years ago. They have been refined and tweaked along the way. Hot wound pickup using Alnico 2 (A2) magnets. Comes standard with flat poles. Check out YouTube video demoes:
Brett Kingman Rebellion vid    Brett Gaskett Video demo
NUMBCASTER SET This is a set that was decided on after a discussion with Brett Kingman and Ray Carlton from Carlton guitars. The Bridge pickup is a hotter wind, while the mid pickup based on a mid 60's type grey bottom Strat pickup and is wound with Plain Enamel wire. The neck is my Warm Vintage neck pickup.
Brett Kingman Numbcaster vid
SWEET TONES SET The Sweet Tones set are moderate output. They use Alnico 2 (A2) magnets and are available in flat or staggered. Check out Brett "Burgs" Kingman's Youtube video clip of the Sweet Tones set HERE. $259 AUD NO PHOTO AVAILABLE
VINTAGE 54 SET Vintage 1954 type set with oversized hand beveled Alnico 3 (A3) magnets. Heavy formvar wire is wound to typical early 50's type output. Full sounding vintage tones with slightly rounded high end. These pickups nail that early strat tone. $289 AUD 50s Strat Set
VINTAGE 60's SET Early 60's style with 42 AWG heavy formvar wire. Scattered hand wind. Staggered Alnico 5 magnets set in fibre flatwork. Slightly warmer & darker than the Vintage 50's set. $289 AUD 60s Strat Set

Based on a late 50's set that were warmer sounding than usual (the guitar came in for a set up). I copied the gauss, output and DCR.
Wound with Heavy Formvar on to hand beveled degaussed Alnico magnets using vintage type flatwork. A great set if you want slightly less high end, like a set that has had thousands of hours of use. 
68 GREY BOTTOM SET Late 60’s style with 42 AWG plain enamel wire. Hand wound to late 60's specs. Staggered Alnico 5 magnets set in grey bottom fibre bobbins. $289 AUD 68 Grey Bottom Set
Alnico 5 magnets for a bright punchy tone. Vintage construction. Hand scatter wound with modern poly wire. $259 AUD 60s Strat Set
Modern Vintage set with Alnico 3 magnets, with slightly less treble and attack than the Alnico 5s. Vintage construction. Hand scatter wound with modern poly wire. For DEMO see HERE. $259 AUD 60s Strat Set
Modern Vintage set with Alnico 2 magnets for a sweet warm tone. Vintage construction. Hand scatter wound with modern poly wire. $259 AUD 60s Strat Set
MODERN VINTAGE A5/A2 SET Modern Vintage set with using Alnico 5 magnets for bottom 3 strings (EAD) and Alnico 2 ones for the top 3 (GBE), in both pickups. Sweet highs with crisp bottoms. $259 AUD 60s Strat Set
CUSTOM SET Custom sets available in Alnico 2, 3 or 5 magnets with hotter winds available on request. FROM $269 AUD Custom Set
AGING/ RELICING All sets above can be ordered hand aged & reliced. ADD
$39 AUD
Aged/Reliced Set

 - Available pickup cover colours are: White, Black, Cream, Mint Green or Dark Cream.
 - Middle pickup is reverse wound/reverse polarity for hum cancelling in positions 2 & 4. Can order same as neck and bridge if required.
 - Pickups are wax potted in a paraffin wax / bees wax mix.
 - Pickup sets come complete with screws and springs. Cloth hookup wire used.
 - Bridge pickups can be ordered slightly hotter if required
 - Flat (non-staggered) magnets available in all Strat sets if required.