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Brierley Guitar PIckups

Brierley Guitar Pickups - User Testimonials


Deniz talks about his BRIERLEY "DT" mini humbucker pickups;

"I look for 3 things in guitar pickups: tone quality, power/sustain, and responsiveness. My Brierley "DT" mini humbuckers are top of the line in all three categories. Between the neck and bridge position pickups I am able to get a full tonal range from high treble gain chaos (Asheton), to bright hard midrange punch (Townshend), to heartbreakingly beautiful sweetness (Buck Dharma).

They are highly sensitive and respond dramatically to how hard I am hitting the strings. They have plenty of output without a tendency to squeal even through very loud amplification.

I've been playing an old Coronet the last couple of years, with a single P-90. It does one thing very well. But the Brierleys on my new signature guitar (from Steve Salvi) have opened up a new tonal spectrum of onstage improvisation for me, and their versatility has been very welcome in the recording studio."

Ed Clayton-Jones

Ed has played with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Wreckery, Rowland S. Howard, and ChordBlood. Here he talks about his Brierley tele pickups;

"A while back I bought a Fender Telecaster, the unofficial 'Micawber' model made by Fender Japan, and I'm not a Stones fan. I do love Keith's tone and swagger and I started talking to Les Rankin (NSW guitar tech and a Mick B dealer) about making the guitar as like Keith's as possible without paying $7,000 for a 57 PAF alone. Les got the specs on the Micawber pickups and Mick replicated them.

The result was the best Telecaster I have ever heard. I cannot praise Mick Brierley's work highly enough. It's a common misconception that unless a pickup has been made in the Black Hills of Dakota or some other US locale that they aren't good. Wrong. Mick proves that in order to get great tone start with a guy who loves playing guitar and who has an ear for nuances that turn a great tone into something other worldly.

Mick is great to talk to. We speak the same language. He isn't a tech head who talks in binary code, he's a guitar player with a gift for making, in my humble opinion, the best electric guitar pickups you can buy, anywhere. Thanks Mick."

James Muller

James currently plays with the Hindley Street Country Club and has worked as a solo artist.

"Over the last few years, the strat has become my main gigging guitar and, being the gear-junkie I am, I’ve tried oodles of different pickups from different makers trying to find my ultimate tone. As is so often the way, certain sets worked great for certain styles and amps, but not others.

Soon enough, I found myself getting in contact with Mick to design my definitive strat pickup set. I asked the seemingly impossible; bitey, spanky yet warm and velvety when needed…equally good for rock, blues, jazz and R and B…great clean as well dirty…open, extended top end but not harsh…defined, glassy and funky in-between sounds… and a FAT, overwound back pickup tone that doesn’t sound to middle-y and artificial… (oh, and can you use formvar wire on a grey bobbin because I like the way it looks…).

What I ended getting from Mick was all of that and more. Anyone looking for a vintage inspired strat pickup set that covers a whole lot of bases – look no further than the Sister City Greys! I’m totally inspired whatever music I’m playing. Thanks Mick!!"

Jim Kelly

"Rex Goh was my contact with good words about your pickups and as I was looking for a set for my Telecaster I took the plunge. What a great plunge it's worked out to be.

The pickups have completely transformed the guitar for the best and are faultless on all levels. They really sound so sweet, detailed, punchy and musical. To sum it up, and one must use a Southern American accent for my quote ... 'Mick Brierley's pickups, they be drippin' with molasses'. I'll definitely be changing all my pickups in my other guitars for your handmade beauties, Mick. Kind regards, Jim.

Joe Robinson

"Just put a set of Mick's pickups into my favorite old strat ... WOW! I think these are the sweetest, most rich sounding Strat p'ups I’ve heard. The difference between Mick's set and the stock ones that were in that Strat is night and day.

I live in Nashville and have heard and tried a bunch of different boutique pickups, but I honestly haven’t come across a Strat set this good. I used them in the studio today on a new track called ‘Out Alive’ which will be on my next record - Joe Robinson

Dave Leslie

Dave has played with Baby Animals, Jimmy Barnes, Richard Clapton, Doc Neeson's Angels, Ross Wilson, Party Boys, James Blundell, and more.

"I was happy with my sound. I had the guitars I wanted and the pedals and amps that I sought. I didn't really see any reason to change - BUT I'm a guitar player (dammit) and the quest and curiosity to improve how you play and how you sound NEVER subsides. Enter Mick Brierley. I spoke to Mick about acquiring a couple of humbuckers for my Grubisa Merlin (#1 'go-to' axe) which had Gibbo Classics in it. 'What the hell', I thought. Mick sent them to Frank (Grubisa) to install. They were both coil-splittable, the front being an AlNiCo 2 and the rear was an AlNiCo 5 'Bias-Bucker" which allows you to retain a hefty output when switched to single coil, as one coil is wound hotter than the other. BRILLIANT!

These pickups unlocked an upper midrange 'breath/voice' that I was not aware the guitar possessed. It was always nice and 'chewy' but now it has a 'spanky zing' (sorry, there's no other way I can put it) which makes it even more versatile than before. Actually, this week my favourite tone is the rear single coil sound. Big round Strat tone. Mick's pickups really opened up my guitar. I know this guitar inside-out and was surprised at the added dimension these pickups gave it. My other Merlin is ordered/fitted with Mick's B90 pickups, which are P90s in a standard humbucker space. They make me sound like Malcolm Young on rhythm and Leslie West on lead. What more can I say ??

I also have a Crossley Guitars P9 (handmade by Peter Crossley in Melbourne) fitted with Mick's pickups as well. Both are splittable 'buckers, extremely versatile and it is a great sounding guitar. Between these 3 guitars I have ALL my bases covered, both studio and live. By now you get the picture. I'm pretty chuffed with Mick Brierley's work. Drop him a line or give him a call. Quench your curiosity. He knows what he's talkin' about. I'm happy I did and I think that you will be too."

Jake Lardot

Jake has played with Lee Kernaghan Band, Mother’s Little Gringoes, Mark Lucas & The Deadsetters, D Minor & The Dischords, Rose Tattoo, Party Boys, Adam Brand, Melanie Schneider, Tania Kernaghan band, Australian Led Zeppelin Show, and more.

"I’ve been playing guitar & gigging for 30 plus years. I have just about tried everything out there in guitar gear land including expensive boutique pickups. For me, Mick Brierley is the go-to-man for awesome hand-wound pickups. I am currently using his Vintage set in my tele, some of his A2 ‘buckers in a 335 type, and the incredible Brierley B-90 set (modified P-90 in a humbucker mount) in a Gibson SG.

Whether playing at home into a practice amp, or into Voxes & Marshalls at large gigs, Mick's pickups are the DUCK’s NUTS !!

Brett 'Burgerman' Kingman

Brett, or 'Burgs' to a wide audience, has played with James Reyne Band(still current), and has had stints with Daryl Braithwaite, Ross Wilson, Vika and Linda Bull, Renee Geyer, Joe Camilleri, and many other acts.

"Mick Brierley has shown me the end of the road as far my search for the ultimate hand wound pickup is concerned. Sparkle, definition, uber-attention to detail, good looks (the pickups, not Mick ;-) and the highest quality build possible, all packaged and wrapped in super friendly service and support. Oh, did I mention sound? They sound AMAZING !!!

I have a humble but highly frequented YouTube channel and I’m ALWAYS getting compliments on my tones, which for the most part are largely due to Mick’s impeccable pickups. Thank you Mick !

Lawrie Minson

Lawrie has played with Lee Kernaghan band, Jimmy Barnes band, The Hired Hands, Tania Kernaghan band, and James Blundell.

"I have been playing guitar for nearly 40 years. I wound my own pickups when I was a teenager. I have been a pro player for 30 years and have always pursued great tone. I have just finished a prototype signature electric guitar for the Maton Guitar company. All my experience has gone into this instrument and it is the best guitar I own.

The pickups I have chosen are made by Mick Brierley. They deliver great tone and Mick has been an invaluable help to me through the design process. His pickups are a quality Australian made product.

Bob Spencer

Bob has played with Finch, Skyhooks, Angels, and Raw Brit, plus is in the ARIA Hall of Fame.

"MickB makes beautiful sounding pickups at a price that is in all honesty far too low. I love the tone of all my MickB's. They currently live in six of my guitars, from set necks & bolt ons, to my beloved old Archtops (with an electric Mandolin in the works!).

They provide the sound I look for & let the inherent tone of the guitars shine through. You just can't go wrong with a set of MickB's.

Some other customer comments

"Hi Mick - After setting everything just right and a few weeks of playing, I feel informed enough to say a large thank you! My tele sounds brilliant, both pickups sound great, and all combos (parallel, series, in and out of phase) are sweet and full despite the variation in sound possible. I got the hum cancelling I was after, and more improvement in tone than I was expecting. I’m more than glad I ended up getting both pickups from you, I only wish I did it years ago! I suppose I must have assumed the cost would be much higher. But it wasn’t. Great sound, great price, very happy customer. Thanks again, Adam.

Hi Mick - The pickups are in, and they are fantastic. Exactly what I was after. They sound great, both when full or split. Very happy, thank you. Thanks again for such excellent service. Cheers, Craig.

Hi mate - I spoke to you a few months ago. Just had two of your humbuckers fitted to my Gretsch Historic series by Les Rankin. The tone is sensational and Les has done an excellent job fitting the humbuckers where 2 DeArmond single coils used to live. My strat is next in line for your pick ups. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Chris.

I had the pickups installed today, and I’m so happy with them! The humbucker has so much note clarity for more complex chords, yet has the output for HEAVY rhythm and strong harmonics AND the best coil tap I have ever heard. The single coils are just amazing. So rich and articulate - Alister.

Anyways, I finally got them installed last week. Pickups absolutely rip. Bridge is all tele with a bit extra and the neck just sings. Such beautiful blues tone. Dan - USA.

Hello Mick, just a quick note to say that I am really enjoying the guitar with your pickups. Every time I plug in I am intrigued by the sensitivity and character, it makes playing all the more fun. So thanks heaps, Phil.

Mick, several months on and a fair few gigs later those pickups sound absolutely sensational exactly what i wanted and with more response then I hoped for, really can't thank you enough. Going into the studio with my band early next year and that guitar will be all over the record ill let you know when its done so you can hear it. Thanks very much, Joe.


Adelaide, Australia
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